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Custom Video Game Challenge

└ six locations —  N a s s a u A s s a s s i n’ s  C r e e d  I V: B l a c k  F l a g  — [5/6]

September 19 + 845

So he did the only thing he could; hide in the alleys away from the other boys, find comfort from his only real friend. That night he realized he wasn’t alone. As the Outsider approached, the boy barely even noticed as his hand began to itch. From then on the boy felt different. He was no longer afraid and he sought out his tormentors. He swarmed over them with the stuff of nightmares…

September 18 + 76

Why don’t we make a deal?

September 14 + 7035


It’s too early but I laughed louder than I should have

September 09 + 126322


- Classes 

September 07 + 1081


Dragon Age Inquisition - The Bog (2/2)
September 06 + 826